The Joy of Giving

Giving moves me. It could be the fireman standing on a corner with a boot in his hand or come from the tinkle of a bell ringing outside a large store. It could be any time someone gives something they value to someone else or when something wondrous happens because of generosity. I am always moved.

Now you could say that I am being sappy or perhaps too emotional, but the truth is, I always pause for a moment and feel a sense of wonder. Part of it is the good that money is doing, how it helps others in need, and how every single act of kindness builds the foundation for a better humanity. But I tend to focus on the giver; those people who drop the change in the bucket or the boot, or make a donation online.

This moment of giving tells me that that person is moved too. It is a moment of grace, the giving of something not earned. It is the moment that person is thinking of someone other than themselves, and experiencing the thrill of generosity. It is giving in it’s purest form, without expecting anything in return. In that moment, they are realizing that it really is greater to give than to receive.

So each time you drop some cash in a fireman’s boot or salvation army bucket, know that I am awe-inspired over the giving of a gift from someone who is moved by the needs of others. And I pray that you, too, take a moment to experience the joy of your giving.

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