Creating a Marketable Niche with Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is an actress, musician and singer/songwriter whose “adorkable” qualities have helped her build one of the strongest personal brands in Hollywood. She currently stars in the popular Fox series New Girl, has been nominated for Golden Globe, Grammy, and Emmy Awards, and has proven herself a fan favorite with her current People’s Choice Award nomination.

Zooey has built a career that is not only entertaining, but is synonymous with a unique and well-defined niche — something that all marketers are striving for. Faced with an overload of information and competitive markets for consumers, it is our job to create a niche that is memorable, relatable and ensures our voice is heard. Zooey seems to achieve this with ease. Here are 4 things that marketers can learn from her about creating a marketable niche:

1. It’s okay to be different

In a world laden with hip hop stars and supermodels, Zooey is surprisingly refreshing by being anything but Hollywood mainstream. As a marketer, you are in business because you have something that people want and/or need to be more successful. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Know your niche and relish the uniqueness you offer. Sometimes you can overlook the smallest of things that can become your legacy. We all have something in common, what do you have that sets you apart?

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2. Diversification is good

Zooey Deschanel acts on screens, small and big. She is the founder of hellogiggles, one half of the indie folk band She & Him and, according to her blog, she dances too (but just for fun). While you want everything to fall under a logical and sustainable umbrella, don’t let fear stop you from reaching out and trying something new. Challenge yourself to think about how can you expand your territory and try new products to win more customers.

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3. Know your audience

As marketers, we have to know what our audience expects of us and foster the persona they know and love. The niche you have developed has a specific audience. Cater to that audience and don’t lose the voice that is attracting them. Zooey’s signature deadpan style has become her trademark. Her fans cherish her dry humor, and look forward to her witty commentaries.

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4. Sometimes, uncool can be cool

Putting yourself out there and showing your personality and vulnerabilities makes you approachable and relatable as a company. Consumers today desire that transparency. Consider letting your customers in on some of your decisions and thought processes. It helps them to feel a part of your brand. Even if it makes you uncool, it makes you real. And sometimes that is more important.

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So next time you think about Zooey Deschanel, consider the impressive marketable niche she has created in her career and how we can apply that as marketers.

What makes your brand memorable and unique?

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