Choosing to Adopt

Infertility is not for the weak of spirit, y’all. For so many, growing a family comes easily. But for some of us it becomes not easy, but impossible. Paul and I feel you. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating and not nearly talked about enough.
After years of much prayer, lots of conversation, fertility clinics, and pendulum swings- we are stopping the infertility process. Our God is a great God, a BIG God, and one who is completely capable of answering our prayers. In our minds, that belief means that becoming biological parents may not be the way God is going to define family for us. And while adoption was always on the table, we believe it is now the option He has planned for us. =)
As a good friend told me- “God has put a deep certainty in my heart that you and Paul will have a beautiful family with a purpose that we all celebrate.” And I am claiming her words as mine, and my husband Paul is claiming her words as his, because God is doing a great work in our hearts.
So, here is our invitation to our community of amazing friends, family, and colleagues to join us on our adoption journey of bringing Baby Houghton home. We will need your support and your prayers. And we can’t wait to share with you the process of giving a child a forever family. Stay tuned. =)

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