About Me

About HeaderChecking things out? Here’s what you need to know.

I have a love/hate relationship with doing things that scare me. I am quick to speak my mind, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and seek justice for the underdog. I love to laugh, often at myself (I AM pretty funny). I value wit and strength of character and love adventure and travel. I believe a global perspective is paramount. I am very controlled with my emotions, but don’t let that fool you- I feel things very deeply. I tell the truth, always. I am a horrible singer, but that doesn’t stop me so don’t give me a microphone.

I greatly respect people who use wealth and power for good and for those who have less but give more. I am a Young Life leader which means I hang out with high school kids. This results in many hashtags and acronyms that someone my age probably shouldn’t use, but hey, #YOLO right? I drive a Subaru and feel like all other Subaru drivers on the road also have dogs and are my friends. Speaking of dogs, everyone should have one. They make life better.

I love investing in people and being even a small part of someone’s story. My faith is incredibly important to me. I believe that Jesus has promised us an abundant life and that we can choose joy despite our circumstances. I also know that this is not always easy. I have never seen faith move a mountain, but I believe it is possible.

And lastly, I love authenticity. Real community is not possible without it.